Vodafone Prepaid

Pay as you go - top up

What is Vodafone Prepaid ?

Top up your credit quickly and easily with Vodafone Prepaid. Choose a monthly bundle or make use of our standard rates. With Vodafone Prepaid you have everything under control - and you're on the largest 4G network in the world!


With prepaid you buy credit in advance with which you can call, text and/or surf the internet. This allows you to monitor the cost of your mobile usage yourself. Before you can start using prepaid however, you need a prepaid SIM card. The credit you buy is then transferred to your new SIM card. Have you run out of credit? Then you can no longer call, text and/or surf the internet, but you can still make calls and receive text messages. Are you temporarily using more data? Then use your credit to buy one of our attractive bundles. 


Top up easily from € 5


Lightning fast 4G internet with our award-winning network


No contract, no bills, no fuss

Order your prepaid sim card

  • Your credit is immediately active & ready to use
  • Available in various monthly bundles from 2 GB to 10 GB
  • The bundle is valid for 1 month and can be used in both the Netherlands and the EU*.

*The prepaid sim card itself can be topped up indefinitely

Free sim card

Prepaid 2GB tegoed


Sim w/ €5 credit

Prepaid 4GB tegoed

€ 5 one-time

2 GB sim card

Prepaid 2GB tegoed

€ 10 one-time

Looking for a different prepaid sim card?

Prepaid bundel

Prepaid bundles

You can choose from different Vodafone Prepaid bundles. Do you need a large prepaid internet bundle because you're using lots of data? Or do you just want to make calls and send text messages? Choose the prepaid bundle that suits your needs.

Monthly bundles

2 GB Monthly bundle

Text to 4000: 2GB MAAND

€ 9


500 MB Monthly bundle

Text to 4000: 500MB MAAND

€ 5


100 min & sms Monthly bundle

Text to 4000: BELSMS

€ 4


10 GB Monthly bundle

Text to 4000: 10GB MAAND

€ 29


6 GB Monthly bundle

Text to 4000: 6GB MAAND

€ 19


4 GB Monthly bundle

text to 4000: 4GB MAAND

€ 14


Call 500 Monthly bundle

Text to 4000: BEL 500

€ 9


Call 200 Monthly bundle

Text to 4000: BEL 200

€ 6


Daily and weekly bundles

10 GB + 100 min & text Daily bundle

Text to 4000: DAG

€ 3


2 GB + 100 min & text Weekly bundle

Text to 4000: WEEK

€ 7


Do it now in My Vodafone

Turn your bundles on and of and check your credit.

Discover our prepaid rates

You're not using your phone as much and you really want to decide yourself when to top up? Then you'll pay the standard prepaid rate for calling, texting or internet. This way, you'll remain in total control of your prepaid purchases!

Standard rates
Call minute € 0,20
Text € 0,15
MB € 0,10
Validity Data Min Text Price Text to 4000
500 MB monthly bundle 1 calendar month 500 MB - - € 5 500MB MAAND
2 GB monthly bundle 1 calendar month 2 GB - - € 9 2GB MAAND
4 GB monthly bundle 1 calendar month 4 GB - - € 14 4GB MAAND
6 GB monthly bundle 1 calendar month 6 GB - - € 19 6GB MAAND
10 GB monthly bundle 1 calendar month 10 GB - - € 29 10GB MAAND
Call & Text bundle 1 calendar month - 100 € 4 BELSMS
Call 200 monthly bundle 1 calendar month 200 - € 6 BEL 200
Call 500 monthly bundle 1 calendar month - 500 - € 9 BEL 500
Validity Data Min Text Price Text to 4000
Daily bundle 1 day* 10 GB 100 € 3 DAG
Weekly bundle 7 days 2 GB 100 € 7 WEEK
* You can use 1.4 GB in the EU from the total 10 GB you have in the Netherlands. Daily bundles are valid until 11:59 pm on the day of purchase, regardless of the time of purchase. Weekly bundles are valid for 7 days.

Prepaid calling and internetting abroad

Have you already made vacation plans? Then you can continue to use your current prepaid SIM card within Europe! Your monthly bundles are valid in the EU as well.

The EU consists of the following countries:



B    Belgium, Bulgaria

C    Cyprus

D   Denmark, Germany

E    Estonia

F    Finland, France

G    Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe

H    Hungaria

I     Iceland, Ireland, Italia    

K    Croatia

L    Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg

M    Malta, Martinique, Mayotte

N    The Netherlands, Norwegia

O    Austria

P    Poland, Portugal

R    Romania

S    Saint Martin, Slovenia, Slowakia, Spain

T    Czech Republic

V    Vatican City, United Kingdom

Z    Sweden, Switzerland


Are you about to cross the pond or on a cruise? Or do you want to call from the plane? Maritime networks and satellite telephony networks are excluded from our EU tariff.

Vodafone Prepaid: top up your prepaid SIM and pay as you go
Vodafone Prepaid: top up your prepaid SIM and pay as you go

Top up your prepaid

Frequently asked questions about Vodafone Prepaid


Online top up

Top up online now via your PC, tablet or mobile phone and you can immediately continue calling, texting and using data.


Top up voucher

Buy a top up voucher in the store. A 15-digit top-up code is printed on the receipt.


Enter *102*top-up code# on your device. For example: *102*123123123123123#.
Then press the call key.

Alternatively, call 1200 and choose 'top up via top up voucher' and pass on the top up code#.

After your top up we will inform you about your new balance.


You have the following options for checking your prepaid credit balance:

Call 1200 for free from your Vodafone prepaid number to hear your remaining balance.


Your credit remains valid indefinitely as long as you use it at least once every 6 months. The validity of your credit balance is extended after every paid call, text message, internet session (not via Wi-Fi) and every Top Up.


You can get a Vodafone Prepaid sim card at any Vodafone shop in the Netherlands


  • Call 1201 from your Vodafone mobile (free)
  • Call 0800 0094 when in the Netherlands (free)
  • Call +31 6 54 50 01 00 (Rate for calling from abroad, free for Vodafone 06 numbers)

Monday till Friday: 08.00 - 20.00

Saturdays: 08.00 - 18.00